Hello All!

I wanted to share a few links to webpages around that have my favorite math curriculum on them.

Each summer, my kids do the next grade level of math - one lesson per day (M-F)

I am also going to share the equivalent table with you so that you can choose which curriculum will work for your child.

Intermediate 4 -

Intermediate 5 - (grade 4 )

Middle Grades placement test

Saxon Math 54

 Saxon Math 65   (5th grade-ish)

Saxon Math 76

Solutions manual Saxon Math 7/6

Saxon Math 87

Saxon Math Course 1  - (equivalent of 6/5) - 6th grade(ish)

Saxon Math Course 2  (equivalent of 8/7) - 7th grade (ish)

Saxon Math Course 3  -8th grade(ish)

Algebra 1/2

Algebra 1

Algebra 2

Advanced Math


** I will keep looking for the pdf's for free and will post them as I find them!  

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