Genius Time

Genius time, 20% time, Genius hour, passion projects.... the list goes on..   
Whatever you call it, whatever you do with it, it's yours!
Find your passion!

Not all schools allow for this, but you can do it at home!
Add up all the hours you spend in school each week..
5 days a week x 6 hours a day = 30 hours per week
now take 20% of that....  30 hours / 20 % = 1 hour of time

Now... commit to spending a MINIMUM of 1 hour of time each week working toward something you are passionate about!  

Passion may be a strong word..  perhaps curious might be more up your alley?  Are you curious about dolphins?  Want to know more about how a volcano works?  Interested in how rockets are built?  

Grab a notebook - write down all the things (list) that you are curious about right now.  Start with one and check them off as you go along.  Or perhaps, once you write them all down, you notice a common theme and want to work on that.  

At the end of each session you should be able to talk about what you learned, show something you've done/built and/or explain it to another.

For example:
My daughter is loves drawing. More specifically, she is passionate about animation.  She uses her genius time at home to do Khan academy's Pixar animation tutorials. 

My son loves cooking.  Specifically, he loves baking.  He uses his genius time to peruse pastry books, gather ingredients and bake!  He also researches classes he can take and then takes them!  

Make a regular habit of fueling your OWN passions!  
Schedule it in and I promise you won't be disappointed!

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